This course is designed as an introduction to psychoanalytic theory through the study of literature, film, and other cultural activities. The approach we’ll follow is to read and discuss the major essays of Freud (and some Lacan, Zizek, et al) alongside selected works of short fiction and film. The course goals are to a) familiarize students with the concepts and analytic vocabulary of psychoanalysis, b) enable their further research into literature/the arts using psychoanalytic theory, c) to become more familiar with Freud’s work as the context for much later theory.

-Research paper/thesis chapter: 50%
-Research paper outline & bibliography: 20%
-Participation/discussion: 30%

This course is intended as a survey of 20th century postmodernist fiction, mainly from the United States but also, in the latter part of the semester, in East Asia as well. In order to survey as many authors as possible we will focus mainly on short stories, although a couple of novels will also be read. Basically the course is divided into half "postmodern" and half "post-postmodern." In addition to fiction, we will also read and discuss the theory of postmodernist culture and literature.