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Welcome to Ron's Moodle! I created this site because, after nearly 15 years, my old free site is nearly full and I need somewhere to park my class info, share media with you (students), organize assignments, etc. etc. So please create an account and login (upper righthand corner) and check out our course(s). 

Any questions, just email me: ronentity [at] gmail [dot] com

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Available courses

This is a one year course intended as a survey of "Western Literature", meaning it gives a broad view of the classic texts considered literary in the (so-called) West. 

This is a conversation class intended to improve students spoken abilities by way of topical in-class discussions. Students will be expected to speak in English (and only English) and give oral presentations throughout the semester.

Course goals:
As the title in Chinese suggests, this course tries to teach students to "read" films as they would important works of literature. Therefore, this semester we will watch and analyze (both verbally and in writing) a number of "classic" and contemporary cinematic works. 

This course is intended as an overview and introduction to the study of "Modernism" in literature (and the arts) of the late-19th & early 20th cent. The focus is primarily on US and European modernist texts, although we will also glide across modernism in China and Japan of the same time period. In addition to primary works, students will also be expected to read important secondary/critical works on modernism by scholars working in the field.